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Good Grief Interview with Cheryl Jones | Still don't wanna be pink

Back in 2014, when I thought I was ready to publish my book (I wasn't), (not even close), (needed five more years) (🙄 ), I connected with Cheryl Jones, M.S., over Twitter. Cheryl is a grief counselor, educator, and host of the weekly radio show, Good Grief, which shares the stories of people who have changed their lives through confronting loss. She has spent a lifetime exploring human loss, revelation and transformation. When she was training to practice psychotherapy her first wife lived with and died of cancer. That experience more than any other taught her that human beings are capable of astonishing epiphanies and inspiring grace.

When I first spoke with Cheryl back in 2014, I was immediately comforted by her friendly tone of her voice, easy sense of humor, and authentic approach to life. I was nervous about being interviewed about a book I had yet to publish, but she put me at ease. I was grateful to be on her show then and again in August 2020, almost exactly one year after finally publishing my book. Thank you, Cheryl!

Listen to the interview here.

Cheryl is also the author of, An Ocean Between Them, about an estranged mother and daughter, a devastating diagnosis, and the bumpy road to reconciliation. Learn more about the novel and Cheryl at

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