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Listen up: IDWBP is now available on audiobook 🎧

Updated: Jan 19

Ayesha (back), Alyssa (middle), and me-July 2021

And the memoir trinity is now complete. In addition to ebook and paperback, I Don't Wanna Be Pink is now available via audiobook.

Whether due to emotional or physical discomfort, (most likely both), there were plenty of times during treatment that I physically couldn't manage reading words on a page. So I wanted to make my book available in all formats so patients/readers could have a choice. I started recording in the summer of 2021 and published via Findaway Voices on December 21, 2021.

Recording, reliving, recording.

Many thanks to vocal coach, actor and singer, Alyssa Keene for her guidance; audio engineer, Ayesha Ubayatilaka at Seattle's Jack Straw Cultural Center, for hours of focused recording, fine-tuning, and positive energy/humor during those crucial water breaks; and Carol Hoffman for lightning-fast graphic assistance.

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